Technical support for Companies and Authorisation bodies for safety and risk assessment

The lab provides safety and risk analysis for industrial systems and structures, supports national, regional and local authorities to prepare guidelines for the application of new Legislation and Standards, contributes to industrial research projects.

Main activities

Regione Piemonte (2004 - 2010) - Contribution for the preparation of guidelines for the land use planning around Seveso Intstallations (DGR n. 17-377 del 26/7/2010);

Italian Ministry of Economic Development (MiSE) (2015-2017) - Contribution to the Italian Guidelines for the implementation of Offshore Directive (2013/30/EU).

  • MiSE (2020- ) Basic design for the conversion of oil&gas platform for the production of desalinated water by renewable energy or for the storage of gas (CO2 / CH4-H2 mix) in depleted off shore reservoir;
  • MiSE (2015-2020) Methodologies, tools and model to support oil&gas offshore safety and energy transition
  • RINA (2015) Risk assessment for a gasoline tank for maritime applications;
  • CNH Industrial Italia (2015) Workshop on RAMS analyses;
  • TECHEDGE (2014) Innovative approaches for monitoring and prognostic for Operation&Maintenance optimisation in nidustry;
  • GTT (2010) – Assessment of the risk analysis performed for the installation of new battery systems on local bus;
  • MTM BRC (2010) – Risk assessment for small gas compressors for the car feeding, the analysis was oriented to change the actual Italian fire prevention Legislation;
  • REALE MUTUA (2010) – Accident investigation for an electrical blackout;
  • BIO H2 POWER Research Regional Project (2007-2009) – Risk analysis for new power plants fed by biogas;
  • BRINDISI LNG (2008) – Revision of the Preliminary Safety Report for the Brindisi LNG terminal
  • NGV (2007) – Risk analysis supporting changes in the fire prevention Legislation for fuel stations delivering methane gas;
  • CESI (2003) – Guidelines for the organisation of a reliability data bank for electrical components
  • SAPIO (2002) – Risk assessment for an experimental Hydrogen fuel station.
  • ECOPLAN (2001) – Risk Assessment for the transportation of dangerous goods by highways