Multi Risk mapping

The activity is oriented to define methodologies to allow the regional risk assessment by considering, contemporary, the contribution of natural, industrial and transportation hazards.

The activity, started in 2004, is performed in collaboration with the Joint Research Centre of EU (Ispra Site), the Regione Piemonte (Protezione Civile) and RAMS&E srl.

The lab gave a contribution on this topic in the framework of the RISKNAT project.



CARPIGNANO A., GOLIA E, DI MAURO C, BOUCHON S, NORDVIK J.P (2009). A methodological approach for the definition of multi-risk maps at regional level: first application. JOURNAL OF RISK RESEARCH, vol. 12-3,4; p. 513-534, ISSN: 1366-9877, doi: 10.1080/13669870903050269