Conversion of oil&gas off-shore platforms operating on depleted reservoir

This project, founded by Italian Ministry for Economic Development (MiSE), is oriented to investigate in detail, from the technological point of view, the conversion of oil&gas platforms as an alternative to their decommissioning. The conversion options that have been taken into account in the project are:

  • Opt.1 - Conversion of the platform for the production of photovoltaic (PV) energy and use of this renewable energy for the production and delivery of desalinated sea water for civil use to the other platforms in operation in the same area and separation of precious elements from the resulting brine;
  • Opt. 2 and 3 - Conversion of the platform for the injection and extraction of a mix of CH4 and H2 (Option2) or CO2 (Option 3) for underground storage in the depleted reservoir.

A pilot study was made in 2018 to evaluate H2 production on board.


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